Russell Crowe takes his rugby team bowling, biking

SYDNEY, Australia -- Russell Crowe went biking and bowling
with his last-place Australian rugby league team.

Crowe, a part-owner of the South Sydney Rabbitohs, led the
National Rugby League team in a bike ride and 10-pin bowling
session Tuesday.

"I think the big thing was just doing something as a team, as a
unit," captain Peter Cusack said. "It was still training, still
getting something out of it with the bike ride."

It was the first session Crowe has led since officially taking
over the club with businessman Peter Holmes a Court on June 8. He
gave the 1-18 team a pep talk about the future.

"He just spoke about what we were doing, where we were going,"
Cusack said. "I think what he expects is that we win as many games
as we can and have a good platform ... for next year."