Motorcycle racer killed in crash

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- An amateur motorcycle racer was
killed at Daytona International Speedway when he apparently lost
control of his bike during practice and hit a retaining wall.

Chris Tatro, a 22-year-old rider from Leesburg, Fla., was
pronounced dead Thursday at Halifax Medical Center.

The afternoon crash came during the opening day of Bike Week.
Tatro's Kawasaki 600 motorcycle appeared to strike the outside
retaining wall in NASCAR Turn 4. Speedway officials said there were
no witnesses.

Records show 30 racers have died at the track since it opened in
1959. Tatro was the sixth motorcycle racer to be killed.

The last Speedway fatality also involved a motorcycle.
Three-time Daytona 200 champion Roger Reiman died during practice
on March 4, 1997.