Replay expanded for Little League WS

SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. -- Managers at this month's Little League World Series will be able to challenge certain calls under a revised instant replay system.

The 2-year-old system also will be expanded to include more plays, including force outs, tags on base paths, missed bases and hit batters.

Reviews were previously limited to plays that should have resulted in a dead ball, but were called otherwise by the umpire, such as questionable home runs and other close plays at the outfield fence.

Little League announced the latest guidelines Monday. Umpires will still have the option to call for a replay, though managers will now be allowed to challenge calls or request a replay if umpires don't ask for one.

Managers would be limited to one unsuccessful replay challenge in the first six innings, and one unsuccessful challenge in extra innings.

A replay team -- an umpire who is not on the field and a Little League official -- would review up to 12 camera angles provided by ESPN and decide whether to reverse the call.

Umpires are volunteers and can officiate the World Series just once.

"So we let them know this is just another tool to help them do their job," Little League president Stephen Keener said in a statement. "This retains not only the human element in the process, but the volunteer element."

Replay reviews were used twice in each of the system's first two seasons, and no calls were reversed.

The World Series starts Aug. 20.