Road trip: Part 4

July, 10, 2007
Editor's note: Right after Watford's season finished and before he reported to the U.S. squad for the Gold Cup, Jay DeMerit took a road trip across America. This is the final part of his account.

After leaving the banquet room I heard Ty yell down to me that he had found something. He led me into the fitness room, around a corner, and turned with a big smile on his face -- he'd found a wooden door which led to a sauna.

There was still some leftover heat so we rested in the sauna against the wooden benches for a few more hours. Just as we were starting to get some good rest, we heard a noise coming from the fitness room. It was a woman in workout gear, turning on the tv. She apparently found her channel of choice and began to run on the treadmill.

After about 20 minutes of stressing out that she would see us, we heard the treadmill stop. Now, you can't see inside the sauna, but of course you can see out, so the lady had no idea we are in there while we watched her every move. We were hoping that the workout was over, but just as we started to calm down, she started using the Nautilus machine that was about three feet away from the sauna door.

We began to freak out at this point, mostly because we thought she'd hear us at and scream for security. We had to do something. Since we were both wearing hoodies and sweats, I figured we could pretend we had just been in the sauna trying to lose weight or something. Looking back on it, it made no sense because she could have deduced that we had to have been in there for about an hour, fully clothed, and yet not sweated a single drop. But we went for it, both giving a stretch of the arms, like we had just finished a good workout as we walked by and said good morning. She bought it and said good morning back as she continued her workout. Sweet.

By now it was 7:30 a.m. or so, and we had worked up quite an appetite with all the rolling around on wood, concrete, and leather all night. We rolled straight into the free breakfast buffet for some food. After what we had been through, we definitely considered ourselves guests for the evening and deserved a good breakfast.

After some nice scrambled eggs and a few coffees to keep us going, we went to the front desk to start calling auto part stores to get back on the road.

We also called our AAA buddy and he got on the case as well to see if we could get it done ASAP. We had nine hours to get to Indiana and it was a seven-hour drive, so we were cutting it close. We ended up finding the part and were just about to call the tow guy to take us to Pep Boys when the AAA guy called us and said that he had found the part as well.

The AAA guy seemed a little more trustworthy since he also said he loved muscle cars, so we went with his advice. He sent the tow guy and we got the Camaro loaded up and taken to a repair shop within the hour. After another short lesson in our dummies guide to muscle cars, we thanked the place with a generous tip and we were back on the road.

The rest of the trip was fairly uneventful by comparison -- we finally got to look at some of the beautiful countryside and mountain roads that make road trips so enjoyable. With a little Starting Line blaring from the iPod stereo, we cruised through the rest of the trip with smiles on our faces and made it to Depauw University, just in time for the celebration -- and of course a drink at the margarita fountain. The rest of the trip through the Midwest was a blast, and we ended at home in Green Bay with the car in one piece, until the next offseason that is!



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