Cologne fined for fan abuse

Updated: September 9, 2011, 1:01 PM ET
Associated Press

BERLIN -- The German soccer federation has fined one of its clubs $14,000 after its fans threw "several beakers filled with urine and excrement" at rival fans during a Bundesliga match.

The federation cited "unsporting behavior" by Cologne fans at the Aug. 13 game. The plastic cups hit Schalke fans in the stands below.

Cologne, which lost the game 5-1, agreed to pay the fine.

Cologne president Wolfgang Overath said at the time the perpetrators were "not football fans," and "these people have no interest in sport."

Overath adds that he can't understand how soccer "can be abused for such incomprehensible actions."

He says it's up to the federation and his team to "reflect on how things have come to such excesses."

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