Top 5 cell phone slips

They might not be Tiger Woods or Brett Favre, but tennis players have committed the odd cell phone or text message faux pas. Two recent ones head the top five:

1. Agassi's peep show

This incident has been making the rounds as a curiosity item for the past couple of weeks. While in Taiwan to play an exhibition event, Andre Agassi took part in a charity auction. Holding up an autographed plate, he told bidders, "You pay more than $4,000 and I will show a picture of my wife on the phone, naked."

The businessman who won the auction got a peek at a photo on Agassi's phone, which he later said showed the back of a blonde woman.

Agassi later said his wife, fellow tennis great Steffi Graf, hadn't been upset by the incident. "Everybody's pretty relaxed," he said, speaking to the press after being announced as a Hall of Fame inductee on Thursday.

Which is probably fortunate, especially if Graf is going to be the one making the speech at his induction ceremony next year. Agassi made a famously heartfelt speech at Graf's induction a few years back, but his jokes are a little more hit-and-miss.

2. Woodbridge's text vex

Careful what you text about Kim Clijsters, as doubles legend-turned-Australian TV commentator Todd Woodbridge learned at the Australian Open on Thursday. While being interviewed by Woodbridge after her win, Clijsters casually mentioned that doubles player Rennae Stubbs had showed her a text message Woodbridge sent Stubbs last week. "What did I say?" Woodbridge asked. "You thought I was pregnant," replied Clijsters, as recollection and horror crossed Woodbridge's face.

"Oh, she did not!" he exclaimed, as a laughing Clijsters put an arm around him.

We soon learned why. After making it clear that she wasn't pregnant, a giggling Clijsters told the crowd, "Let me say what was written in the message, first of all: She looks really grumpy and her boobs are bigger!"

3. Sela's surreptitious tapping

Globe-trotting players are rarely far from their phones, constantly texting and talking as they fill time between matches. During matches, however, electronic communication is strictly forbidden because it could be used to receive coaching instructions. During a third-round match at the Australian Open two years ago, Dudi Sela was spotted fiddling around with his mobile device at the same time that Sela's coach in the stands was using his phone to send messages.

Sela said he had only been trying to turn the phone off, but paid a $1,500 for unsportsmanlike conduct.

4. Safin's show and tell

Russian gossip reports should be taken with an especially large grain of salt, but the story goes that Marat Safin had a few beers at a Russian restaurant five years ago and began passing around (allegedly steamy) photos on his cell phone to the various women at his table. Wonder what that would have fetched at an auction?

5. Hewitt's sell and tell

Lleyton Hewitt took some flak last October for offering to text-message fans the name of his latest child -- for $2 a text. Hewitt and his wife, Bec, belong to the Text a Star service, which charges subscription rates for text messages from celebrities. Hewitt denied the move was a cash grab, saying, "In this instance we made a decision that my fans deserve to know first, and the general public second."

Kamakshi Tandon is a freelance tennis writer for ESPN.com.