Wimbledon champ played exhibition with Venus

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Wimbledon champion Maria Sharapova
donated $10,000 to victims of the tsunami disaster in Thailand.

Sharapova, in Bangkok for an exhibition match against former No.
1 Venus Williams, presented the check to Thailand's prime minister
Thaksin Shinawatra on Thursday.

Sharapova was on a beach in California when she heard about the
destruction in Thailand and other nations around the Indian Ocean
that killed more than 117,000.

"It's very devastating what has happened," Sharapova said.
"But I feel I should have come here. I was committed to coming
here and if I didn't I would have felt defeated and, you know, life
goes on.

"I love giving back and I think it's very important to help
those that are in need."

Both players had been scheduled to join Thaksin for a New Year's
Eve countdown party. The event was canceled after the government
said the country should abstain from celebrations as it mourned
victims of the tragedy.