Sisters give advice on money, dating

KEY BISCAYNE, Fla. -- Embracing their status as role models,
Serena and Venus Williams have written a book with advice for
pre-teens on such subjects as money and dating.
Regarding the latter, their recommendation: Don't rush a crush.
"We both really have a lot to say about that," Venus said
Wednesday with a laugh.
Titled "Venus and Serena: Serving From the Hip: 10 rules for
Living, Loving and Winning," the book is targeted for 9 to 12 year
"It's a great book for teenage girls who deal with different
issues," Serena said. "Growing up, I would have loved to have had
such a positive role model to look up to and try to be like and try
to emulate. We love having that opportunity to say, 'Look, you can
be like us, you can be successful and at the same time have high
morals and high self esteem and be a very nice person at the end of
the day."'
The sisters, who are in Key Biscayne for the Nasdaq-100 Open,
wrote the book with Hilary Beard.
"It's like we're having a conversation back and forth," Serena
said. "We wrote it with someone, but we wrote it."