Blood tests confirm Haas was not poisoned

BERLIN -- Blood tests have revealed no
evidence that Tommy Haas was poisoned during Germany's Davis Cup
loss to Russia in Moscow in September, the German Tennis
Federation said.

"It's no longer an issue," the German Tennis
Federation quoted Haas as saying in
a report on its Web site.
"The tests gave no results. It was too far in the past."

Alexander Waske, a member of Germany's doubles team,
was quoted in German media earlier this month as saying an
unnamed person had told him in Moscow that Haas had been

Haas, who was beaten in straight sets on the opening day of
the Davis Cup semifinal and was unable to play in the reverse singles
because of gastroenteritis, underwent tests in New York to see if there was truth to the rumor.

"I wanted to be absolutely clear about what was happening to
my body," Haas told the German Tennis

Haas had a minor operation on his right shoulder while in
New York. The world's 12th-ranked player will take six weeks off from
training but expects to be fit enough to take part in the
Australian Open beginning Jan. 14.