For now, Paszek eligible to play

VIENNA -- Austrian tennis player Tamira Paszek will not be suspended while officials investigate whether a medical treatment she received for a back injury violated doping regulations.

The disciplinary committee of Austria's anti-doping agency said on Friday that Paszek can play on the WTA Tour at least until a verdict is reached in about seven weeks.

The agency had sought to temporarily ban the 18-year-old.

Last month, Paszek had blood taken for homeopathic enrichment and reinjected into her lower back. Reinjecting one's own blood is banned under international anti-doping rules.

Paszek's attorney, Michael Barnay, said on Friday that the player's treatment did not violate national anti-doping laws or the 2009 WADA code.

"Tamira has nothing to hide and will fully cooperate," said Barnay, who expected Paszek's disciplinary hearing to take place in early September.

Paszek alerted the doping agency two weeks ago, saying she had not been aware the treatment was possibly illegal until a reporter had told her so after an interview.

Paszek hasn't played a match since retiring in the first round of Wimbledon in June and has dropped to 88th in the WTA rankings.