Rank 'Em: Celtics Coaches

Created: April 14, 2010, 11:35 AM

Where does Doc Rivers rank?

How do you rank the six coaches to win championships with the Celtics?

If reports in the Boston Herald are correct, the Doc Rivers era may be nearing an end in Boston, with the coach set to step away after this season's playoffs. Under fire at times during his tenure with the Celtics, Rivers quieted some of the criticism with a championship run two seasons ago. But if this really is the end of the line, how does he stack up against the other men who led the Celtics to at least one NBA title?

Consider the candidates and submit your rankings below.

  • Tenure: 1950-66
    1956-57 Champions
    1958-59 Champions
    1959-60 Champions
    1960-61 Champions
    1961-62 Champions
    1962-63 Champions
    1963-64 Champions
    1964-65 Champions
    1965-66 Champions
    Worst season: 36-36
  • Tenure: 1979-83
    1980-81 Champions
    Worst season: 56-26
  • Tommy Heinsohn
    Tenure: 1969-78
    1973-74 Champions
    1975-75 Champions
    Worst season: 34-48
  • Tenure: 1983-88
    1983-84 Champions
    1985-86 Champions
    Worst season: 57-25
  • Tenure: 2004-present
    2007-08 Champions
    Worst season: 24-58
  • Tenure: 1966-69
    1967-68 Champions
    1969-69 Champions
    Worst record: 48-34