Rank 'Em: Red Sox home run hitters

Created: July 8, 2011, 3:27 PM

Imagine, if you will, that you were able to invite every power hitter in Boston history to Fenway Park for one all-time Red Sox home run derby. Which players would be on your list? Below are Gordon Edes' top 10 picks in alphabetical order. Rank them in the order you think they'd finish. Which player is the all-time Red Sox home run king?

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  • At 22, he was the youngest player in AL history to hit 100 home runs.
  • His Sox record of 50 home runs in 1938 stood until Ortiz broke it in 2006.
  • He won last year's Derby, he holds the Sox record for most HRs in a season (54) and has 8 home runs 400 feet or longer this season.
  • Who wouldn't want to see the little guy punch out all the Goliaths, and tell them ahead of time he was going to do it, too?
  • David Ortiz said Wily Mo hit the ball harder than anyone, "including me."
  • Hall of Famer led the league in home runs three times and in 1978, his MVP season, he averaged a home run once every 14.7 at-bats.
  • The man hit 66 home runs for Class A Lincoln in the Western League and signed his name Dick Stuart 66. His first hit for the Red Sox was a home run. His second was a grand slam.
  • In a four-year span of the '90s, Vaughn averaged just a tick under 40 home runs a season (39.5) and most of them were not cheap.
  • Ranks 18th on the all-time HR list with 521 and is credited with the longest HR in Sox history -- 502 feet -- with a bleacher seat painted red to mark the spot.
  • Yaz only led the league in home runs once, in 1967, but that was sufficient to inspire a generation of Little Leaguers to hold their bats cocked high above their left ears.