Chat with Chuck D

Welcome to the Show! On Friday, December 1, Chuck D will stop by to chat about hosting Ali Rap, an ESPN Original Entertainment production examining the words and influence of Muhammad Ali.

Ali Rap is based on the book by George Lois that highlights the words and witticisms of "The Greatest." For one hour, viewers experience Ali's powerful words not only as said by the three-time heavyweight champion himself, but also from some of today's biggest names in sports and entertainment. The song "ALI RAP (Get Used to Me)", a hip-hop homage to Ali written and performed by Chuck D, serves as the show's soundtrack.

As leader and co-founder of legendary rap group Public Enemy, Chuck D redefined rap music and Hip Hop culture with the release of PE's explosive debut album, Yo Bum Rush The Show, in 1987. His messages addressed weighty issues about race, rage and inequality with a jolting combination of intelligence and eloquence never seen before.

Be sure to catch Chuck D's chat on Friday, Dec. 1 at 1 p.m. ET, and don't miss Ali Rap, December 9th at 9 p.m. ET on ESPN.

WATCH: "ALI RAP (Get Used to Me)"ESPN Video

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