Chat with Soccernet's Derek Rae

This Wednesday, there is the chance to put your questions to Derek Rae from Press Pass - right after the Champions League quarter-finals have finished!

Derek joined ESPN International in 1994 and commentates on the UEFA Champions League and Spanish Primera matches for the network as well as presenting 'Press Pass', the popular weekly football panel discussion show.

He previously covered domestic and international football on radio and television for BBC Scotland and won the Sony British Sports Broadcaster of the Year award for his commentary work in 1987.

Born and brought up in the 'Granite City' of Aberdeen, Derek speaks fluent German. His weekly column 'Rae's Say' is available on Soccernet.

Derek will chat on Wednesday at 9.45 p.m. BST (4.45 p.m. ET). Feel free to drop him some questions now and we'll save them for his arrival. Derek could be delayed if the Champions League games go into extra-time - he'll be too busy commentating! But he'll be here right after they finish.

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