Chat with San Diego Chargers TE Scott Chandler

Welcome to The Show! On Friday, San Diego Chargers TE, and former Iowa star, Scott Chandler will stop by to chat about EA SPORTS latest edition of its college football series - NCAA 08 football.

On Tuesday, NCAA 08 hit the stores. This year's theme, "Campus Legends," encourages you to develop just that, a campus legend. Your character starts in high school, where you will try to land that big scholarship. Then you enter college and have to work your way up, earning your position through pre-season practices. While putting in the work on the field, you also have to excel off the field as well, like keeping up your GPA and managing your free time. Spend your time at school developing your skills, becoming a team leader and helping your program win. Your end goal - leave the school as a true campus legend.

To coincide with the release of NCAA 08 football, we'll bring you real campus legends from the 2006-07 college football season that have since moved on to the NFL. Chandler played his college career at Iowa. He was chosen by the Chargers with the 30th pick in the fourth round, and 129th overall, in the 2007 NFL draft.

Send your questions for Scott now and join him in The Show on Friday at 2 p.m. ET.

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