Chat with Jim Jones Jr.

Welcome to The Show! On Monday afternoon, Jim Jones Jr., son of Jonestown founder Reverend Jim Jones, will stop by to chat about an ESPN documentary focusing on his father's life, and his son's basketball career.

ESPN's Outside the Lines will present a special documentary Sunday, Oct. 7 (9:30 a.m. ET) about the infamous 1978 Jonestown mass murder suicide, and the impact basketball has had on the son and grandson of Jim Jones. The program will show how basketball saved the life of Jim Jones, Jr., and is serving as the springboard for his son to remove notoriety from the Jones name following the Jonestown massacre.

Outside the Lines' Jonestown: The Game of their Lives tells the story of how Jones, Jr., the adopted son of Rev. Jim Jones, survived the November 1978 Jonestown tragedy because he was playing basketball hours away from the Peoples Temple compound the day his father led 914 of his followers to their deaths.

Send in your questions now, then join Jones Jr. on Monday at 3pm ET!

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