Chat with Bill Simmons

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On Wednesday, Page 2's Bill Simmons attempted a marathon chat for the ages, and he succeeded. He moved into the SportsNation record books when he set the individual chat record at 7 hours, 4 minutes. He broke the previous record, which was held by MLB Insider Rob Neyer.

Neyer's record was as unexpected as a Clay Buchholz no-hitter as his normal 60-minute chat back in March kept going and going and going, ultimately lasting six hours and 37 minutes. The current record for longest chat featuring multiple chatters is the recent 25 hours of college football in which various ESPN college football analysts and writers teamed up for a marathon chat leading up to kickoff of the 2007 season.

The Simmons marathon chat was the kick off for Jimmy V Week at ESPN. All the ESPN platforms will all have programming and messaging geared toward raising awareness and funding for cancer research and the V Foundation.

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