Chat with NHRA star Peggy Llewellyn

As part of's ''Breaking Barriers'' series motorcycle racing pioneer Peggy Llewellyn will stop by Friday to talk about her ride to prominence.

Llewellyn is the first female minority to compete in Pro-Stock motorcycle drag-racing. This past year Peggy, whose father is Jamaican and mother is Hispanic, won her first NHRA race, and went on to finish fourth in the NHRA playoffs.

She grew up around drag-racing, constantly traveling to races her father and/or brother were competing in. Because it had always been a male-dominated sport, Peggy never believed she could turn her hobby into a career. But in 1996 three women changed the course of drag-racing, by qualifying for the circuit, paving the way for Peggy.

It took more than two years for her father to build her a bike, but when it was ready she was off and running.

Send in your questions now and check back at 3 p.m. ET Friday to chat with Peggy.

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