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Welcome to The Show! On Tuesday, we'll be having an all-day chat on opening day in Japan! Each of our baseball writers will be taking a key position on a hard-hitting topic, defending their opinions from your incisive questions!

Here's who's on our chat schedule for today:
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Chat Schedule
Topic Chatter Time
Education: Who'll be the valedictorian of the rookie class? Keith Law Noon
Top rookie for 2008 is Kosuke Fukudome, who has the job, the experience, and is going to get RBI opportunities behind Lee and Ramirez.
Jobs: Which GM/manager is on the hottest seat? Jerry Crasnick 12:30 pm
Omar Minaya and Willie Randolph. They need to reach the postseason after the Mets' epic collapse.
Party Wars: What'll be the best non-Yanks-BoSox rivalry? Rob Neyer 1 pm
You take the Yankees and the Red Sox, and I'll take the three other fantastic pennant races we're going to see this summer.
Foreign Policy: Is the Japan Series a good thing? Jayson Stark 1:30 pm
I'm all for globalization, but I'm opposed to the idea of having major-league teams open the regular season in Japan, for all kinds of reasons. We can get into all of them in this chat.
Economy: Which small-market team has the best shot? Buster Olney 2 pm
The Cleveland Indians are the best small-market team with the best shot to win -- I've got them winning the World Series.
Immigration: Which Japanese player will make an impact? Tim Kurkjian 2:30 pm
Bobby Valentine, who manages in Japan, told me last year that every, everyday player in Japan could make a major league roster. That's how good Japanese players are. It will show this year.
Crime: Who's the biggest fantasy "steal"? Eric Karabell 3 pm
I'm here to defend my position on Josh Hamilton being one of the better steals of the fantasy season! Which of your players are steals as well?
Health Care: Who's the top injury concern? Stephania Bell 3:30 pm
Pujols is great when healthy, but the elbow will be an ongoing problem, and may result in an early termination of his season.

Send in your questions now and stop by to talk with our writers starting at noon ET on Tuesday!

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