Chat with ESPN Radio's Scott Van Pelt

Welcome to The Show! On Thursday, ESPN Radio, and SportsCenter, host Scott Van Pelt will be stopping by to chat.

Van Pelt is currently one of a few co-hosts of the Mike Tirico Show with Mike Tirico. However, starting May 1, he will become a main part of the show, when it's renamed Tirico & Van Pelt Show. That show will run 1-3 p.m. ET, followed by The Scott Van Pelt Show (3-4 p.m. ET).

Van Pelt is excited about his new show. In his own words, "clearly some execs made a decision that will ultimately cost them their jobs. Before that inevitable end, I look forward to all the opportunities this presents to work with people I respect and enjoy. The solo hour will likely advance the level of discourse to a place never before heard in human history."

So, join the chat to ask Scott about anything you like, whether it's sports, radio, TV, his golf handicap, anything! It all begins at noon ET on Thursday!

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This chat is exclusive to ESPN Insiders