Chat during 2008 MLB Playoffs!

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Welcome to The Show! Throughout the 2008 MLB League Championship Series, you can chat live during each game with ESPN's stable of baseball Insiders and other experts!

From the first pitch to the last pitch of the Dodgers-Phillies and Red Sox-Rays series, we'll be right here! How will the Phillies handle Manny Ramirez? How can the Dodgers shut down Philadelphia's powerful lineup? Can the Rays continue their improbable run or will the Red Sox post season experience be too much? Watch the game and chat about the answers!

Here's the chat schedule: (subject to change, all times ET)
Thu., Oct. 9, 8pm: NLCS, Game 1 - MLB Insider Rob Neyer
Fri., Oct. 10, 4:30pm: NLCS, Game 2 - Fantasy's Tristan H. Cockcroft
Fri., Oct. 10, 8:30pm: ALCS, Game 1 - Neyer
Sat., Oct. 11, 8pm: ALCS, Game 2 - Page 2's Jonah Keri
Sun., Oct. 12, 8pm: NLCS, Game 3 - Neyer
Mon., Oct. 13, 4:30pm: ALCS, Game 3 - Neyer
Mon., Oct. 13, 8pm: NLCS, Game 4 - Baseball America's Jim Callis
Tue., Oct. 14, 8pm: ALCS, Game 4 - Cockcroft
*Wed., Oct. 15, 8pm: NLCS, Game 5 - Neyer
*Thu., Oct. 16, 8pm: ALCS, Game 5 - Callis
*Fri., Oct. 17, 8pm: NLCS, Game 6 - Neyer
*Sat., Oct. 18, 4:30pm: ALCS, Game 6 - Neyer
*Sat., Oct. 18, 8pm: NLCS, Game 7 - Keri
*Sun., Oct. 19, 8pm: ALCS, Game 7 - Neyer
* -- if necessary

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