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Welcome to The Show! On Wednesday, NHL editor Sherry Skalko and business writer Darren Rovell will stop by to chat about's ESPNHL. What is ESPNHL? Sherry Skalko explains:

Negotiating a new collective bargaining agreement may be the National Hockey League?s biggest priority, but it?s not the only one. Rules changes, equipment modifications, scheduling options and reconciling with disenchanted fans are among the others.

Instead of trying to fix the NHL, we took a different approach. We asked SportsNation to clear the ice and tell us what it would like to see in a league that started today. We then took the results from the December poll, as well as some commonly suggested NHL changes, and discussed them with members of the sports, media and entertainment industries.

Not everyone we contacted agreed to participate. Either they did not want to appear critical of the NHL or they preferred not to meddle in another league's business. Others who spoke with requested anonymity for similar reasons.

We compiled the most popular ideas and sentiments, including the outlandish and the innovative, and incorporated them into one ?what if? league: the ESPNHL.

Join Sherry and Darren in The Show on Wednesday at 5 p.m. ET.


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