Chat wrap: Garrett Webster talks about his father

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What happens when the cheering stops? What happens when your body exacts its revenge for years of abuse at the hands of mammoth defensive tackles and charging linebackers? On the field, Mike Webster was a Hall of Fame center for the Super-Bowl winning Pittsburgh Steelers. But when his career ended, Webster found life on the gridiron hadn't prepared him for life without the game at which he excelled. Beset by chronic injuries and mental illness, Webster slipped from stardom to obscurity and poverty, sometimes living out of his truck, before succumbing to life and passing away in 2002.

What hidden tolls does life as professional football player take? What can the NFL, its teams and even fans do to ensure Webster's story isn't repeated? What was Webster like at the end, slipping away but trying valiantly to never lose the pride that made him such a great player?

Garrett Webster, Mike's son, visited The Show on Friday afternoon, as part of's series on the causes and consequences of Webster's story. If you're interested in helping the Webster family, or just sharing a story about Mike, email Garrett at:


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