Ask ESPN Legal Analyst Roger Cossack

Welcome to The Show. On Thursday ESPN legal analyst Roger Cossack will take your questions on the MLB Seroid Scandel and Congressional Hearings.

Less than two months after baseball and its players hailed the banned-substances plan -- and just a week after testing began at spring training -- a House committee called in a handful of the sport's biggest stars to explain themselves. Baseball balked at the subpoenas issued Wednesday for a total of seven players to testify at the March 17 hearing of the House Government Reform Committee. Roger will be here to help explain what it all means.

A legal journalist and legal analyst for ESPN, Cossack is familiar to television viewers as host of Court TV's Open Court. Widely considered one of America's foremost legal experts, Vanity Fair magazine has called him "one of the movers and shakers of Washington." Prior to his work at Court TV, Cossack served CNN for 7 years as an on-air legal commentator and as host of one of the network's most successful shows, Burden of Proof.

Send in your questions now, then join Roger right here on Thursday afternoon!

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