Chat with NBA Insider Brian James

This little SportsNation nook of the was created to be the place for fans to get together and communicate not only with the people making and reporting the scores, but also with each other. It's a place to rally together with fans of similar allegiances or argue with those misguided souls who root for the other team.

Simply put, it's your Nation. We just turn on the lights every morning.

And as the place for sports fan to come together, we know it has to be about more than sports. Let's face it, even the guy who paints his face and drinks light beer out of the tubes attached to his helmet-hat turns off the games from time to time -- like during the offseason. And what else unites SportsNation like music? Whether you play it jamming in your car, sweating at the gym or tuning out your boss at work, music is something virtually every citizen of SportsNation enjoys in some form.

That's why we're giving ShowGirl, our resident musical guru, an hour as the week winds to a close to open up the chat lines for all your musical needs. Got a tip on a hot new act? Heard a great new release? Talk about it here.

We know not everyone has similar musical tastes, just as some folks like football but can't stay awake for soccer, but ShowGirl is a woman of the people. If you make a good case, she'll let you have your say on anything from top-40 to acid jazz. Join her at 2 p.m. on Friday to shoot the breeze.

This chat is exclusive to ESPN Insiders