Chat with Jason Whitlock

Welcome to The Show! On Wednesday, Page 2 columnist Jason Whitlock will log on to take your questions and comments about his latest column, and more.

Whitlock has been a columnist for The Kansas City Star for 10 years. He recently published his first book, ''Love Him, Hate Him: 10 Years of Sports, Passion and Kansas City.''

Check out Jason's latest column, ''Skin Deep.'' Whitlock says that Charlie Weis' contract extension at Notre Dame is not only shortsighted, but in the wake of Tyrone Willingham's dismissal, it's quite possibly racist.

After you read the column, send your questions to Jason using the form below. Jason will be here Wednesday afternoon to give you all the answers. If you want to see what other readers had to say about this column, check out our mailbag.

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