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Welcome to The Show! The one and only Sports Guy, Bill Simmons, will drop by Wednesday to discuss the future of the lottery-winning L.A. Clippers as well as the Great Debate: Kobe or LeBron?

Simmons recently experienced a crazy day in Boston sports with the Bruins dropping a Game 7 in overtime and the Celtics losing Game 6 of their series against the Orlando Magic. But Bill is all smiles again now that his beloved L.A. Clippers have won the NBA draft lottery and thus the rights to selecting Blake Griffin.

Speaking of the NBA, with LeBron James winning this season's MVP and Kobe Bryant earning the award a year ago, these two stars have established themselves as the best of the best in the NBA. But the debate still rages on: Kobe or LeBron?

Stop on by starting at noon ET on Wednesday to chat!

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