Updated: Oct 1, 2010, 11:01 AM

Vote: NFL Week 4 Pick 'Em (vs. spread)

Jay Cutler Will the Bears beat the Giants?

How will the fourth week of the NFL season unfold taking the point spread into account?

SportsNation finished mildly better than .500 this week, although it would have done much better had it learned to trust the Chiefs and Bears. The overwhelming majority of the 'Nation picked against both surprise 3-0 teams, which was understandable in the case of the Bears. But the Chiefs? Playing the hapless 49ers, whom they dismantled 31-10? It might be time to give Kansas City a chance.

So what lessons have we learned as Week 4 approaches? Are the 3-0 teams for real? Are the 0-3 teams totally done for? What about disappointments like the Cowboys and Vikings, both of whom had comeback wins in Week 3? Cast your votes now!

SportsNation's Week 3 Pick 'Em record: 10-6

SportsNation's season record: 28-20

All games Sunday unless otherwise noted.


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