Rank 'Em: Most Disappointing Teams

Created: June 17, 2011, 12:42 PM

The "Black Sox." A loss to the Redskins in the playoffs after a 14-2 season. And then there are the Cubs: 1969, 1984, 2003. Chicago has plenty to choose from when it comes to disappointing teams. Now it's your turn to rank your top 10.

Weigh each team's disappointing credentials and cast your vote now!

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  • The "Black Sox" tried to rig the 1919 World Series.
  • Lost 17 of final 25 games to lose NL East
  • Lost to Warriors in seven games in West finals
  • Lost final three games to Padres in NLCS
  • After 14-2 regular season, lost to Redskins in playoffs
  • Won President's Trophy only to lose in first round to North Stars
  • Five outs away from the World Series
  • Lost six of final eight to lose NL Wild Card
  • World Series defense ended six games out of first
  • Cutler injury low point of loss to Packers