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Roy Halladay is set to announce his retirement after an incredibly successful 16-year career. Halladay's résumé is the envy of nearly every other pitcher in the game -- 203 wins, a 3.38 career ERA, eight All-Star Game appearances, and two Cy Young awards. He's one of only 17 pitchers in baseball history to win multiple Cy Youngs. Can you name the rest? Take our quiz!

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We're going to go into some numbers here: Roy Halladay's career ERA+ (a measure of ERA relative to the league, with 100 being the league average) is 134. That's really good! It's 25th all time among pitchers. Last year, however? 89. That's pretty bad. If his 3 1/3-inning, five-run performance in Wednesday's 9-2 loss to the Braves is any indication, Halladay might be in for another tough year. And to think -- he's only a few seasons removed from winning a Cy Young Award and throwing a perfect game.

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The Phillies are in last place in the NL East due in part to ace pitcher Roy Halladay who hasn't exactly been himself lately. This is Philadlephia we're talking about, where sports pessimism runs high, so how are Phils fans coping with the latest developments and what should the team do?

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1. Who would you rather have: Halladay or Lee??

Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee are in the news again. Halladay won his second Cy Young Award in a unanimous vote, and Lee is being courted by seemingly every contender in Major League Baseball. Which ace has the brighter future?

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It was a baseball performance unlike anything anyone younger than 54 years old had ever seen. But was Roy Halladay's no-hitter, the first in the postseason since Don Larsen's perfect game in the 1956 World Series, the best performance in all of sports this year?

We've had a Super Bowl passing performance for the ages, a near-miracle from the real-life "Hoosiers" in the Final Four, a marathon match at Wimbledon and a Landon Donovan goal that made the whole country soccer fans for at least a day. And that doesn't even include a college football national championship, the Winter Olympics, NBA and NHL postseason action or a full regular season of baseball, including, lest we forget, a perfect game from Mr. Halladay.

So what's your call, SportsNation? Was Wednesday night the best performance of 2010?

Yankees fan here.... offering a tip o' the cap and a thank you to Roy Halladay. That was as fun to watch as anything in a long, long time. It's a good day to be a baseball fan.


I'm slowing starting to become a Phillies Fan I hate to say that but after that performance by Halladay who isn't cheering for the Phillies.

-- freshtodef009

Best post season pitching performance I've seen since Roger Clemens' complete game, one-hit shut out, w/ 15 K's, of the Mariners in the 2000 ALCS.

-- cdman882

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