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Didn't Aaron Hill learn anything from watching Vernon Wells? When a no-hitter is on the line, you run through the metaphorical and literal wall to make a play. All right, maybe that's being a little harsh on Hill, the second baseman who couldn't quite come up with a hard grounder in short right field that would have been the final out of Brandon Morrow's no-hitter. Instead, Morrow had to settle for a one-hit, 17-strikeout shutout.

On "Mike and Mike" Monday morning, Buster Olney said more than a few official scorers might have tried to rule the play an error to preserve the no-hitter. An error might be harsh, but SportsNation is far from unanimous in thinking it was a clean hit.

Toronto fans weren't as ready to fault Hill. Then again, he at least got a little leather on the ball. That's more than they're used to seeing out of Maples Leafs goalies.


i think Hill should have had that ball but i don't know if he would have gotten Longo at 1st either way great game by Morrow and the Jays

-- pinhi3

Who the hell cares if it was a no-no or not. No-hitting the Rays = NOT IMPRESSIVE, they get no hit every month it seems like.

-- hifruco

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The Yankees have no problem with Robinson Cano playing in the All-Star Game Tuesday night, but they wouldn't let him compete in Monday's Home Run Derby (ESPN, 8 p.m. ET). Kind of says something about which one is more intense, no?

The days of Pete Rose running over Ray Fosse in the All-Star Game are long gone, even with home-field advantage in the World Series on the line, but it's tough for players to dial down the effort in the hitting contest without incurring some nationally-televised embarrassment. From Mark McGwire bypassing the Green Monster to Bobby Abreu launching 41 home runs in the 2005 event and Josh Hamilton blasting 28 in a single round two years ago, Monday has arguably been the more memorable part of the All-Star festivities in recent years.


Sounds like a boring lineup. It will resemble the derby a few years ago in SF when Vladdie won it by only hitting like 8 home runs.

-- StanfordCardinal22007

Votto should be in it. He's leading the NL in HR's for crying out loud!


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