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Sure, the opening weekend of college football had plenty of games that made Team USA's 121-66 basketball win against Angola look like a classic by comparison, but we didn't have to wait for Boise State and Virginia Tech on Monday night for a reminder of what we've missed lo these many football fallow months. You want drama? Navy-Maryland and East Carolina-Tulsa offered up a season's worth. But what is a more painful way to lose?

Maryland 17, Navy 14: The Midshipmen rolled up 412 yards on the ground, but they needed 413 for the win. Passing up a chance to tie the game with a field goal in the final minute (one of its only passes on the day), Navy went for broke on fourth down at the 1, only to see Ricky Dobbs stuffed short of the points. Watch the stop | Watch the game

East Carolina 51, Tulsa 49: Last team with the ball wins? Absolutely, even if the last team with the ball is 33 yards away from the end zone with seconds remaining. Dominique Davis' Hail Mary landed in the arms of receiver Justin Jones to give East Carolina coach Ruffin McNeill a win in his debut. Watch the Hail Mary | Watch the game

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