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Sunday night's shenanigans between the Red Sox and Yankees may be a memory, but Joe Girardi doesn't think the fight is over by a long shot. Girardi, who was ejected for arguing after Ryan Dempster hit Alex Rodriguez with a pitch, called for Dempster to be suspended as a result of his actions. MLB agreed, handing down a five-game suspension and undisclosed fine for Dempster. Rodriguez has been hit twice since his return from the DL, but Girardi was worried that if Dempster hadn't been punished, pitchers could take it as a declaration of "open season" on the embattled slugger -- which would be a rather dangerous way of improving his OBP.

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Ryan Dempster's 1.86 ERA is the lowest in the majors, which has made him a tempting trade target for the Dodgers. Is he for real?

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