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Richard Jefferson, a 34-year-old forward for the Dallas Mavericks, looked like 2002-era R.J. on this amazing dunk over the Charlotte Hornets' (much younger) Michael Kidd-Gilchrist on Sunday. The only problem? It was called a foul.

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Kemba Walker's last-minute shot to lead the Hornets to an overtime win over the Bucks was pretty sweet, but look at how Michael Jordan reacted to it from the sidelines:

Fan, player and owner alike... we all get crazy during game-winning shots in OT! #HornetsComeback

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That's exceptional. We can't think of many better ways to start off a season -- at least for Hornets fans.

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We know the images of sports well, through awe-inspiring photographs and embedded-in-our-brains highlights.

This artist, though, is looking at the athletes and coaches we love a little differently. Well, OK, a lot differently. With some of the most minimalist sports portraits you'll find, Instagram user @lessonsinsport allows us to see big stars in quite a different light.

Check out our favorites:

Barry Sanders

Jim Harbaugh

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Muggsy Bogues

Steve Spurrier

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