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It's June and our thoughts turn to the boys of spring and summer, who begin College World Series play this weekend in Omaha. Texas, Southern Miss, LSU, North Carolina, Arizona State, Arkansas, Cal State Fullerton and Virginia will determine the national champion in a double-elimination tournament.

Poster bostonrandy (who tweets about college baseball and sports under the same name) calls it "one of the greatest sporting events in America." Why Omaha? Fan blogger Bric875 explains.

If you want to discuss the games, check out the conversations attached to the stories on the College Sports page or join the College World Series group below. If you're in Omaha during the tournament and want to tell us about the experience, post a blog on your profile, upload some pictures and drop a link in the comments below.

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Join a group: CWS (College World Series)

Photo courtesy of huskersteve01, who also started the CWS group.

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