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Emeka Okafor played three college seasons; Tyson Chandler didn't play any. Both were selected second overall in their respective NBA drafts; neither has had an abundance of luck staying healthy as a professional. Both looked good for stretches when they were on the court. The lesson here? Heck if we know.

Apparently the Bobcats and Hornets are also at a bit of a loss when it comes to two talented big men with physical baggage. The two teams swapped players Tuesday, with Okafor heading to play with Chris Paul in New Orleans and Chandler ... well, we hear Charlotte has some wonderful golf courses that should keep him busy during May.

When the Bulls picked Chandler No. 2 in 2001, both Pau Gasol and Tony Parker were still on the board (although in Parker's case, that was true for most teams in the first round). At least the Bobcats got some service out of Okafor after picking him No. 2 (and in a draft that saw Shaun Livingston and Rafael Araujo go in the top eight picks, it could have been worse), but imagine how things might look if the lottery had given them the No. 1 pick that went to the Magic.


This is a decent trade for Charlotte(only if Chandler stays healthy). Charlotte was the lowest scoring team in the league and Okafor has the offensive skills of a high school player. The team needs to score and win now. If they dont make the playoffs then at least fans will have more highlights. Charlotte is now a young and athletic team.

-- gilesjk84

I love Michael Jordan, but he's a complete failure as a front office guy. Just sit back and stay out of business deals Mike, you suck at it.

-- brianm23

I live in Charlotte and all you see for the Bobcats is Emeka Okafor, what are the Bobcats going to do without him? Really? This is one of the most stupid trades I've ever seen the Bobcats make in their small history. I hope this trade doesn't work or Tyson Chandler doesn't pass the physical or something please. Jeez!!!!!!!

-- swimmerchildren

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