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Ricky Rubio is just one of many. No, not potential point guards for the Timberwolves, although that's also true, come to think of it. Rubio, whenever he gets to the United States on a full-time basis, will be just one of many European athletes starring in North American professional sports leagues.

Everywhere you look, there's a guy with good taste in food, a certain worldly "je ne sais quoi" and jeans that are just a little too tight. Heck, Kobe Bryant makes more sense in Italian these days than Delonte West does in English most of the time.

Where once there was the occasional Swede on skates, there are now Europeans everywhere you look (not applicable to residents of Arkansas). Well, almost everywhere. Scotland's Lawrence Tynes isn't exactly leading an EU assault on the NFL.


This was such an incredibly stupid draft pick by Minnesota, just horrific. Did they not do their homework at all? This kid is locked into Europe for two more years, because of that buyout. Moreover, the adjustment period of going from Spanish ball to the NBA will probably take another three years. So this horrible team that cannot sell tickets, drafts a guy that will not really pay off at all (if he even does) for five years. Stupid organization!

-- TorreroX

Rubio should take a lesson from American athletes. He should go play for Joventut, complain about a nagging injury, put out an embarrassing Youtube video, become a locker-room cancer, and generally become a pain in the ####. Next thing you know they be paying him to leave!

-- karltkoch

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What a difference a few months make. Carlos "I'm opting out of my contract no matter what" Boozer has decided not to opt out of his contract after all, and will remain in a Jazz uniform. Why? Perhaps the cool $12.7 million he'll collect had something to do with it. But we're convinced it's because SportsNation told him to do so.

Whatever the case, Boozer will remain in Salt Lake City with another recent opt-inner, Mehmet Okur. What does this mean for the Utah Jazz next season? It's time you vote below and tell us.

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This is great for the Jazz as they are now in complete control. If the Jazz want to trade, they can. This is MUCH better than those players walking and the Jazz being left with nothing. Now they have Korver, Miles, Boozer, AK, Millsap & you name it, the Jazz can trade it! And if no trades, great! The Jazz will finally get the chance to do what we thought they would last year until every starter got injured.

-- halfhoosierhein

The silver lining to this gray cloud of a recession we are in is watching greedy athletes have to 'settle' for less than their ego's are comfortable with.

-- fathale

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