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Not since fantasy baseball owners haggled through the summer of 2003 have Jim Thome, Jose Contreras and Billy Wagner mattered this much in a trade market.

Of course, even as Thome and Jon Garland headed to the Dodgers and Contreras made his way to the Rockies, their old employer was left with a smoldering reminder of the perils of trading. Alex Rios? Hitting worse than .200 with the team. Jake Peavy? Might not pitch until 2010.

A month ago, voters picked the White Sox to win the AL Central. As recently as three weeks ago, SportsNation still had them neck and neck with the Tigers. Now? Well, at least 58 percent of voters think Ozzie Guillen should keep his job in the Windy City.


I think Williams intended to go for the win, but Guillen's mouth and attitude killed this team. In the end, Williams decided to get something for two players that would not have returned next season. Let's hope Guillen goes too.

-- GSaggese

I really believe John Kruk when he says the Dodgers signed Thome so the Giants wouldn't get him. It makes absolutely no sense for Thome to go to the National League on a team that has a solid firstbasement who should be an everyday player. So my thinking is there going to have Thome play every here and there to give Loney a rest and be available in the 8th or 9th inning off the bench when there down by one and need a homerun.

-- AjP_

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