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Every athlete wants to be a musician. So why not give a group of them a head start at achieving their dream by recreating some of the most iconic album covers of all time? That's exactly what ESPN The Magazine has done for its music issue, and the results have to be seen to be believed. Check out the full-size images in the galleries below and then click on the smaller images to rank your favorites!

Behind-The-Scenes Photo Galleries:

Rank: ESPN The Magazine's Cover Acts

Allyson Felix

Allyson Felix

Athlete: Allyson Felix
Artist: Beyonce
Album: Dangerously In Love (2003)

Ryan Lochte

Ryan Lochte

Athlete: Ryan Lochte
Artist: Nirvana baby
Album: Nevermind (1991)

Jimmie Johnson

Jimmie Johnson

Athlete: Jimmie Johnson
Artist: Bob Dylan
Album: The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan (1963)

Alex Morgan

Alex Morgan

Athlete: Alex Morgan
Artist: Katy Perry
Album: One Of The Boys (2008)

Richardson, Woodley, Lynch

Richardson, Woodley, Lynch

Athletes: Trent Richardson, LaMarr Woodley, Marshawn Lynch
Artist: Run-D.M.C.
Album: Ultimate Run-D.M.C. (2003)

Josh Freeman

Josh Freeman

Athlete: Josh Freeman
Artist: Michael Jackson
Album: Thriller (1982)

James Stewart

James Stewart

Athlete: James Stewart
Artist: Rick James
Album: Street Songs (1981)

Upton, Stanton, Phillips . . .

Upton, Stanton, Phillips . . .

Athletes: Justin Upton, Evan Longoria, Brandon Phillips, Giancarlo Stanton, Shane Victorino
Artist: Devo
Album: Freedom Of Choice (1980)

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The Phillies have begun trading off some of their component parts, sending Hunter Pence to the Giants and Shane Victorino to the Dodgers before the trade deadline. Which outfielder will have a bigger effect on the National League West pennant race?


Los Angeles Dodgers, Philadelphia Phillies, San Francisco Giants, Hunter Pence, Shane Victorino

A few years ago, the big story with the Phillies was the fact that they were the first-ever professional franchise to lose 10,000 games. Now, they may become the first back-to-back World Series winners in the new century.

Last night's NLCS Game 5 provided still more evidence that Philadelphia may be the most balanced team in baseball. With a lineup that features contributions out of nearly every player (even though Ryan Howard went hitless, Jayson Werth, Shane Victorino, and Pedro Feliz all homered), some shutdown starting pitchers, and a suddenly resurgent bullpen, the Phillies are sitting pretty. Surprised, SportsNation? Going by your judgments back in early July, late July, and even just prior to the series, you probably should be. Now, the only thing left for the Phillies to do is wait for the winner of the Angels-Yankees series, which SportsNation thinks won't take too long -- much like seemingly every other series this postseason.


Philadelphia Phillies, Cole Hamels, Ryan Howard, Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley, Manny Ramirez, Los Angeles Dodgers, Jayson Werth, Pedro Feliz, Shane Victorino

We're going to talk about civility. And if you don't like it, you can take that keyboard and shove it ... sorry, we got a little worked up.

Kanye West and Rep. Joe Wilson have made civility a hot topic in recent days, but the sports world can be plenty uncivil all on its own, thank you very much. Serena Williams went off on a lines person at the U.S. Open, Roger Federer dropped in a few choice words of his own in the men's final and Bills returner Leodis McKelvin found his lawn vandalized in the wake of a costly turnover against the Patriots Monday. Pouring a beer on Shane Victorino seems almost quaint.

Next on the agenda? Tennessee's visit to Florida, with almost 90 percent of voters convinced Urban Meyer will make the most of any opportunity to run up the score against Lane Kiffin. Would Meyer be adding to the list of wrongs or striking a blow for civility if he did?


Wow! I realize that emotions can make people do regretful things, but to vandalize someone's property over a GAME is over the line. Football players are human too, and they have families and children. Maybe McKelvin deserves to be booed but not this. If you bet money on the game and lost and you're pissed enough to vandalize people's property over it, then maybe you shouldn't be betting on games. I have had my share of meltdowns over football(lol I'm a Jets fan!), but I would never take it that far.

-- Jesse111080

Here it comes Tennessee. Here it comes. After all that trash talk by your head coach, you are now going to have to stand up and get punched in the face. This game was going to be a beat down before all of this happened but Kiffin gave the Gators one thing they didn't need in the first place, motivation. Say what you want, hope for all you're worth, pray all night. It won't mater on Saturday. When the Gators are beating you by 40 in the 4th quarter, the football is going to be thrown into the end zone over and over with the score climbing higher and higher. And while it's happening just rememeber one thing, you asked for it.

-- ottomason


Leodis McKelvin, Shane Victorino, Tennessee Volunteers, Florida Gators, Serena Williams

Colin Cowherd and Michelle Beadle plan to duck any objects thrown at them during "SportsNation" TV.

Argue the hot topics, vote on the biggest stories and chat during the show on ESPN2 at 4 p.m. and midnight ET.

Note: Broadcast voting results as of afternoon ET.

Beer Would you turn in a fellow fan?
The Cubs and Shane Victorino are going after the fan who tossed beer on the outfielder while he was trying to make a catch.

Soccer Did Azteca Stadium contribute to Mexico's win?
The raucous crowd sure enjoyed the 2-1 win. The U.S. has never won there. At this point, it's no longer a talent gap. Maybe it's the fans.

Terrelle Pryor Do you love having a fast QB on your team?
Terrelle Pryor and other mobile quarterbacks provide an advantage that teams such as West Virginia and Texas have used quite well in recent years.

Larry Fitzgerald Who's more likely to catch the Madden Curse?
Is Troy Polamalu or Larry Fitzgerald destined to spend part of the season on the sidelines, or is all this curse talk a bunch of nonsense?

Michael Vick Which is the better comeback this season?
Will video-game Michael Vick or (as yet unsigned) real-life Michael Vick be more explosive and exciting on the field this season?

What is "SportsNation" TV, and how do you make your voice heard? Read about the new ESPN show that features fan opinions with calls, tweets, polls, rankers and more.



Chicago Cubs, Shane Victorino, Michael Vick, Larry Fitzgerald Jr., Troy Polamalu, Ohio State Buckeyes

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