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The 5-0 Carolina Panthers are one of the NFL's five undefeated teams, so you can't blame their fans for feeling a little cocky prideful.

That includes Panthers super fan and reigning NBA MVP Stephen Curry, who used the Panthers' Week 6 victory over the Seahawks to troll NBA rival and Seattle native Nate Robinson:

Hey @naterobinson....look!!!! You see what I see????? A Panthers "W" = Thanks for the hospitality my man #keeppounding

A photo posted by Wardell Curry (@stephencurry30) on

Before you go calling Curry a bandwagon fan, know this: He grew up in Charlotte, is tight with Panthers QB Cam Newton and was a special guest of the team in Week 2 to beat their signature "Keep pounding" drum.

Oh, and his signature shoe reflected his Panthers passion: But give it to Robinson: He took the troll in stride, and didn't hide from being put on blast. Instead, he called out his team (and coach) for their subpar play before offering an intriguing solution to their struggles.

Hey, when your team beats your friend's team -- and is undefeated -- you hold all the bragging rights in any football discussion. Of course, if Robinson wants to pull out the NFL trump card, he could always bring up Super Bowl wins -- but that may lead to an NBA MVP conversation he probably wouldn't enjoy.

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One day after his brother, Martellus Bennett, made a rather outlandish comment about Jay Cutler, Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett might have one-upped him.

After his team's controversial win over the Detroit Lions, Bennett went in on opposing quarterback Matthew Stafford ... in a rather odd way.

Now, we've heard quite a few JFK conspiracy theories over the years, but bringing in someone who was nearly 25 years from being born is a new one.

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On Sunday afternoon, Russell Wilson was the latest victim of a little thing we will refer to as the Twitter trap.

You know, that unfortunate thing that happens when you tweet something, and people (or an NFL franchise) uncover said tweet at an inopportune time and use it to mercilessly troll you.

It is hard to tell exactly why the Seahawks quarterback decided to tweet this the day before Seattle's season opener against St Louis.

Some might call it a classic case of hubris. Perhaps he was just practicing a sort of winning mantra? Maybe Ciara told him to do it?

But no matter the motivation, the Rams didn't hesitate to call him out for his statement after St. Louis came up with a big overtime win Sunday:

So there's that. But, just in case Marshawn Lynch getting stuffed on fourth down in overtime to seal their defeat and the Rams clowning him for the world to see wasn't enough ... cue Benny Cunningham:

Yes, you heard him correctly: "1-0, baby. Retweet that!"

This is why football games are played on the field, not on the Internet.

UPDATE: Russell Wilson has answered back with a cheerful message that is undoubtedly a subtweet directed at the Rams:

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