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Despite that he spent the last few years languishing in a prison cell after accidentally shooting himself in the leg, Plaxico Burress looked pretty darn good in Sunday night's game against the Bengals. Burress had three catches for 66 yards, including a diving 26-yard reception for a touchdown. It may just be the preseason (and it may have just been the Bengals), but the Jets seem to be pretty well ahead of the game in the "veteran excels in a new home" sweepstakes.

How impressed were you?

It wasn't a completely dominant performance, but Burress' 22-yard per catch average in Sunday night's game was a pretty good start to re-establishing his reputation as a deep threat.


A Giant regret?

The Giants could have had Plaxico for $3 million, and might have had a better chance to sign him had quarterback Eli Manning campaigned for the team to bring him back.


Rooting interest?

Burress' incarceration may have been entirely his fault, but fans have rooted for players to come back who have done much worse -- Michael Vick comes to mind.


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Michelle Beadle and Colin Cowherd plead guilty to wanting to hear what fans have to say on "SportsNation" TV.

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From a cold night at Lambeau Field that Giants fans will never forget to a night he'd assuredly like to erase from the collective memory, Plaxico Burress did the whole rise-and-fall shtick on a pretty epic scale.

Without him, the Giants don't win the Super Bowl and deny the Patriots their perfection. Now he'll be without his freedom for at least 20 months, as part of a plea agreement in the case stemming from the nightclub incident last year in which he accidentally shot himself.

After a summer in which it seemed like our only respite from NFL legal updates was the annoyingly prolonged Brett Favre saga, it's frankly a little tough to get worked up about Burress. But is he maybe the guy we should feel a little sorry for, considering he didn't hurt anyone but himself? Or have we just gone soft and he got what was coming to him?


Wow..he gets 2 YEARS for something regular POOR people get 5 years probation for. NOW YOU PEOPLE CAN'T SAY THAT ATHLETES GET SPECIAL TREATMENTS ANYMORE.

-- csdogg1984

I don't see why anyone would think he doesn't deserve some kind of punishment. He broke the law so why should he not pay the consequence. Celebrities don't deserve to be treated differently than what the LAW says they should be treated. Last time I looked, "All men are created equal!"

-- lthomasaj

Attention to everyone who thinks laws are uniformed across the 50 states. THEY ARE NOT!!!! Florida is not New York. Also Plax is not being sentenced for shooting himself. He carried an unlicensed gun into a public place in the state of New York. And apparently Plax was living in a box with no television or newspaper or internet because this law and mandatory sentence has been a hot topic issue and quite a big deal in the state of new york.

-- smiles42183

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Other than the requisite "Law & Order" jokes, it's tough to find amusement in the Plaxico Burress mess. The guy was one of the game's better receivers, did something profoundly stupid and now might never play another NFL game, at least if you listen to SportsNation voters. It's just not a fun story, unless perhaps you're a Cowboys fan, and even then, those who live in billion-dollar glass houses ...

But in terms of opinion, Monday's indictment didn't change much for Burress. A month and a half ago, 52 percent of voters said they would want Burress on their team. A day after the indictment, 51 percent of voters say it wouldn't bother them if their favorite team signed the wideout if he's eligible to play while awaiting trial. Maybe that's not an overwhelming vote of support, but it feels like a hung jury as far as the court of public opinion goes.

As for what comes next, this is Roger Goodell we're talking about, so it's difficult to imagine Burress playing this season. But in the wake of Marshawn Lynch getting a three-game suspension after a gun-related incident, voters think Plax deserves a chance.


I would have NEVER said this before, but if Michael Vick was reinstated, I see no reason why Burress shouldn't be either. Plaxico did something stupid, but only hurt himself. Vick helped set up, and backed with money, a heinous enterprise, that was not only promoting illegal gambling but the abuse and torture of dogs......a way worse moral offense in my mind....and inhumane to boot.......

-- rasta212

I have a difficult time feeling sorry for anyone who has earned $40 million, can afford any personal protection, and still has the arrogance to deliberately break the law, by carrying a loaded firearm, with a round in the chamber, in the waistband of his sweatpants, into a crowded nightclub. Then he discharged it. And somehow, he persuaded the hospital's medical staff not to inform the police, which is also required by law. The doctor rightfully got suspended. And now he's been asking for sympathy? Why should anyone feel sympathy?

-- dealers_ch01ce

plax shouldn't get anything more than a couple months at most in my opin., but it doesn't affect the Giants so whatever, just glad bloomberg and the da weren't able to make it a witch hunt against pierce too

-- PiccoloKu9

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Michelle Beadle and Colin Cowherd didn't make the 2003 MLB list, but if they find it, they'll check it twice before talking about it on "SportsNation" TV.

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