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The NFL has asked Adam ''Pacman'' Jones to speak at its rookie symposium on mistakes they should avoid in their careers. Will this backfire?

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You're having a perfectly pleasant morning, sipping your coffee and enjoying a bagel and cream cheese and then you see it. Your favorite team is about to sign Pacman Jones. It's the same feeling fans in Seattle got when they saw the Mariners had traded their souls for the promise of a few RBIs with Milton Bradley (only substitute 'triple-shot, no-foam, extra-hot skinny hazelnut latte' for 'coffee' on the menu). There are some players you just don't want.

Bradley was back in the news for the wrong reasons Tuesday, when he reportedly exited Safeco Field in a huff after he was pulled from the lineup after striking out twice as the cleanup hitter for a team that can't score.

And now the Bengals, who already signed a guy in Matt Jones with more baggage than career touchdowns, are on the verge of adding the guy arguably most synonymous with NFL bad behavior? As you breathe a sigh of relief it's not your team plagued by these guys, who would you least want to wake up and find on your roster? Rank 'Em.

Alan (Chicago)

So when does the countdown start on the Mariners releasing Milton Bradley? Before or after Memorial Day?

Jerry Crasnick
Jerry Crasnick

Alan, If Milton messes this up, he might be looking for a job in the Atlantic League. He's got a great manager, sympathetic fan base, relatively low-stress media environment, and a club filled with guys who are supportive. Even if he can't hit, nobody else on that team can hit, either. All he has to do is keep his mouth shut and try hard. So far that's been a challenge. Full transcript


love this [Jones] move anyone who has not had a early slip in life is a bore who has no personality by now maturity has set in glad i didnt have old squares watching my every move(arent you guys... nerds dont answer) in the navy and college 17-24 was rough for me 2 and im better 4 it

-- bigghago22

Hey!!! Welcome back Bengals! I knew you couldn't stand to see the Steelers getting all the bad press.

-- cityofrain11

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In a letter to Donte' Stallworth explaining why he was suspending the receiver indefinitely following a guilty plea for DUI manslaughter, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell wrote there could be "no reasonable dispute that your continued eligibility for participation at this time would undermine the integrity and public confidence in our league."

SportsNation seems to agree, although there's enough of a split to suggest at least some reasonable dispute. In fact, better than one out of four voters say it wouldn't undermine the league's integrity or their confidence in the league if he was on the field as soon as Week 1 after serving his 30-day prison sentence.

That said, perhaps as a result of the commissioner's established pattern of justice for players like Adam Jones and Michael Vick, only 23 percent of voters expect Stallworth to play in the league at all this season.


the only part I dont like about this, is, Goodell's indefinate suspension, there really is no guideline here so it's like we got some hanging judge from the old west playing commisioner. I'm not defending stallworth or anything, I just dont like the commish and his antics, there needs to be guidlines set and when you get into trouble , you can expect X to happen, not this random BS.

-- sbdawg123

The NFL or more precisely Roger Goodell should not be the one passing judgement on Donte' Stallworth. The judicial system had its time to make the appropriate decision. During the entire process Stallworth was cooperative and showed class in a real mess of a situation. Let's not forget that the guy he hit was running across the highway ok, not a crosswalk. Stallworth has literally "paid" for this and he's doing the time in jail. Why Roger Goodell feels he needs to add his own brand of justice is beyond me. As if Stallworth hasn't had enough to deal with now he's suspended indefinitely without pay. I guess next Goodell will say that he'll let Stallworth come back in a year if he shows "genuine remorse'. At this point I'm beginning to become much less of a fan of Roger Goodell.

-- crunchtime89

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Just when you thought the latest on Brett Favre's shoulder would be the most cringe-worthy NFL story of the day, Jerry Jones and the Cowboys put together a better closing kick than anything Mine That Bird offered at the Belmont. Jones is reportedly open to the idea of bringing Adam "Pacman" Jones back to the fold. Presumably, the mercurial cornerback/kick returner will have an easier time finding a place to live than Terrell Owens in Buffalo.


[Adam] Jones is talented and he'll be cheap. Couldn't hurt the Cowboys on the field to have him back there.

-- diamondheel

This makes no sense. If we bring back Pacman, then we [might as] well have kept TO, Tank, and Greg Ellis. I want character ball players on my team ...

-- teamjordan_2345

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