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Gosh, if only every game this season was as good as last night's matchup between the Saints and Packers, we might never leave the house. The NFL's season opener didn't disappoint, with long kick returns, great plays, and even a last-second play-calling controversy! So, so awesome. It wasn't even particularly sloppy, which was a huge worry because of the shortened training camp schedule. Hopefully this weekend's matchups will live up to it.

Was it the right call?

A run up the gut on the last play of the game near the goal line isn't entirely unreasonable, but the Packers seemed to sniff the play out early on.


Are returners taking more risks?

There was a large expectation that moving the kickoff up to the 35-yard line would reduce the number of runbacks, but for guys like Devin Hester, last night may have been a sign of hope.


Could Cobb be great?

Randall Cobb had a pretty good first game last night -- he caught a touchdown pass and returned a kickoff 108 yards for a touchdown. Not bad, huh?


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