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Judging from Devin Hester's Instagram account, each of his two sons -- Devin Jr. and Dray -- have a little bit of their father's athleticism in them.

Devin Jr., who just turned six years old, submitted the latest piece of evidence with this flag football run his dad captured and shared.

That's a solid spin move. The only thing that's missing is some spliced-in audio of an NFL announcer calling one of dad's NFL-record 14 return touchdowns.

Hester has always been vocal about how much he loves being a father. In 2011, as a Chicago Bear, he contributed a column to Chicago Parent.

"You know, it's always the same regardless of how my day is going," Hester said at the time. "It could be a bad day, or a great day, but [Devin Jr.'s] expression on his face seeing me walk through the door - you have to have a son to experience that situation."

Hester's currently on the Falcons' injured reserve with a designation to return after suffering a toe injury in October.

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1. Is there someone worse Matt Dodge could have kicked to?

Didn't we just say that if we learned anything from Sunday's NFL action it's kick the ball out of bounds? The Vikings did that for much of Monday's game against the Bears, but Devin Hester made them pay when they didn't. Hester's 14th return TD set a new NFL record, but is he more fearsome than DeSean Jackson? Punt return quiz!

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Even for someone who went to a smart-kid school like Vanderbilt, Jay Cutler seems mighty eager to hand out grades. First, he seemed to assess Chicago fans as a "nine," compared to a mere "six" for Denver fans. Then on more of a pass-fail scale, he seemed ready to flunk new teammate Devin Hester in interception prevention after the receiver didn't save a preseason pick. All of this from a guy who seemed to get bent out of shape when the new Broncos regime didn't treat him like team valedictorian.

We're not saying it all adds up to a bad sign for fans in the Windy City, but, well, actually we kind of are saying that. Sure, Peyton Manning had his "idiot kicker" moment and Tom Brady occasionally is photographed holding goats, but Cutler's summer hasn't seemed the stuff of a calm, cool and collected franchise quarterback whom SportsNation recently ranked ahead of Matt Ryan and Aaron Rodgers, among others.

Should Bears fans be worried about their supposed savior?


training camp's not even done and Cutler's at it again, throwing another teammate under the bus. as great as this guy is, he's EGO is even bigger.


I am not a Cutler fan, I would have preferred da Bears kept Kyle Orton. That being said, when I read the "critical" quote it seems to me that Cutler was critizing himself not Hester. I'm not saying, I'm just saying.

-- bob-edwards

Is this guy ever going to just shut his mouth and just play? Dude you are not the 2nd coming of Joe Montana or whatever, you are a QB that has a great arm, no leadership skills and cannot ever admit it when he's wrong. Him and T.O. should be on the same team.

-- kobesux123

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