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azorean milliTrying to be OK with it:
"It was just sad to see the Red Sox swept out like that. Especially when Papelbon blew it for us in the last inning. It's disappointing to watch or listen or get caught up for 162 games and have your season taken out from underneath ya, with what seemed like way too quick. Also, to have to do it with your colleague sitting next to ya as a Yankee fan, practically laughing his spit right in your face. I took it with class and am praying the Yankees go down. What are ya going to do? I will still be a fan next year." -- azorean milli

JeffBWPats running up the score? Whaaat?:
"That term was invented by the sportscasters from the record-breaking, undefeated '07 Pats just doing their job. When you pull Brady after such a dousing vs. the Titans, or anyone for that matter, it's not running up the score. When you go for it on a fourth down no matter what the score, it's called effort and practice in real life. Stop whining!" -- JeffBW

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