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The Baseball Project, a collection of musicians united by their love of the game, wrote a song called "Harvey Haddix" that included the lyric, "Now in history/only 17/have thrown a perfect game." That was back in 2008. Were they to sing it today, they'd have to update it to 22, including Matt Cain, who seriously threw the second perfect game of the season on Wednesday night. This is, quite frankly, absurd. Perfect games are supposed to be events that happen once a decade, not once a month. It has gotten to the point that we're yawning at mere one-hitters and barely acknowledging no-nos. What's next -- 27 pitches, 27 groundouts? Or maybe 27 strikeouts on 81 pitches? There are only so many songwriting hours in the day.

Is this a sign?

There have been gaps of whole decades in between perfect games, but Matt Cain barely waited at all after Philip Humber's perfecto.


Who'd be more nervous?

Third baseman Joaquin Arias stumbled a bit while fielding the final out. It's a credit to him that his long throw didn't end up in the stands.


Which would rather you see?

Josh Hamilton hit four home runs in a game this year, a feat that is actually rarer than a perfect game, especially after this absurd outburst.


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