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Here's something you don't see often: The Yankees, over the course of the season, have actually been outscored. It's true! Even though they're a few games over .500, the Bronx Bombers have scored four fewer runs than their opponents. Compare that to the Red Sox (+88) or Rays (+68) and it's clear the Yankees needed to do something if they had any chance of making the playoffs. They're evidently banking on Alfonso Soriano fixing at least some of their offensive woes, as they brought him back Friday in a trade with the Cubs. Soriano doesn't get on base and can't really play defense anymore, but he does have 10 home runs since June 28 -- the Yankees as a whole have eight.

Soriano's outlook?

Alfonso Soriano established himself as a star with the Yankees, but it's been a long time since he was a truly elite player.


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