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Pitt's Ashton Gibbs whet our appetites for college basketball drama by drilling a game-winning 3-pointer against Providence, NFL teams started throwing millions of dollars at guys like Nate Burleson at the stroke of midnight and Brett Favre played coy about his future with Jay Leno. So why are we talking about a spring training game in Arizona? Because we love us some controversy.

You remember Sept. 6 last year. You don't? Well, the Giants did because that's when Prince Fielder hit a walk-off home run against them in a game the Brewers needed to stay in the pennant race (not that it helped in the long run). As he reached home plate, Fielder jumped on the dish and all of his waiting teammates tumbled to the dirt like bowling pins.

So, of course, when Fielder came to the plate for his first at-bat in Thursday's exhibition game, Barry Zito drilled him in the back. Zito tried to say the ball just got away from him, and Fielder didn't go postal in quite the same way he did when the Dodgers' Guillermo Mota hit him last season. But was this fair payback or pure petulance on the part of the Giants?


I used to love Baseball when I was younger. But things like this is why I don't watch it as much. You can't do anything fun after a big play. wow they showed him up last year. If he didn't like it dont give up a home run then.

-- deejpee2

Baseball needs to lighten up on some of the "unwritten rules" that come from the 1910's. Every Brewer fan and player knew this was coming. I wouldn't have any problem with the hit back if Prince did it in like the 4th inning or some other time when the celebration would've been premature or unnecessary but it didn't. It happened at their own park in an extra inning game, there is cause for celebration. I just don't understand why it makes anyone so angry. I'm all for baseball policing themselves but do it when it really matters, this isn't one of those times in my eyes.

-- Brewerfan54

[T]he point is that the celebration was not some special show they put on for the Giants game. The jersey thing was a tradition for every win. It was a representation of blue-collar work getting the job done; coming home after a long day of work and untucking your shirt and sitting on the coach. Thus, if you have a problem with that tradition in general, fine, but it has nothing to do specifically with the Giants. The bowling pin thing was excessive, yes, but piling on at home is a tradition for every team, and has been for decades.

-- PersianRoyalty

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