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Pending decisions from guys like Jimmy Clausen and Jake Locker, it remains to be seen exactly how plentiful the potential first-round quarterbacks will be in next spring's draft. But it seems safe to say it will have more to offer than the class of signal callers that came out of the 2007 draft.

Derek Anderson needed four games to complete a total of 29 passes, and it's only now that 2007 draftee Brady Quinn apparently gets another shot. JaMarcus Russell can't stop throwing interceptions and some of Trent Edwards' teammates are eager to bring in Michael Vick. Is there still hope for any of these guys, or is Kevin Kolb the class' only hope for redemption?


Welcome to the side show that is the Cleveland Browns. Trust me Browns fans, I know it seems bad, but it is only going to get worse. Mangini is clueless - are you sick of the "consistent" talk yet? Get him out of there before you lose next season as well. - A Jet fan

-- choochmmm9

Mike (Akron)

Hey Mel, if you were head of scouting for the Browns and you had 11 draft picks in the upcoming draft, how would you fix this team? Where would you start first?

Mel Kiper
Mel Kiper

First you have to assess the QB situation. Hopefully Brady Quinn will start the remaining of the season. You have 8 games left. See what you have in Quinn. You know what you have in Anderson. You have to see what Quinn has. He's been called too strong, too powerful to be an accurate consistent thrower. He needs a chance to prove that wrong. They need to develop some WRs. They need help on the defensive side of the ball. With the picks, you try to mortgage them for more. I'm a fan of moving down and getting more. They also need an heir apparent to Jamaal Lewis. Obviously, these young receivers, they need to develop the ones they drafted last year. Secondary help. Front seven help. The biggest thing this organization has to figure out is if Brady Quinn is the QB moving forward. The only way to find out is to play him. Full transcript

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