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Looking back now to the summer of 1998, it's difficult to see the hulking frame of Mark McGwire as anything but the embodiment of an era of super-sized players and inflated statistics. Looking at Rashard Lewis today, well, it's tough to see anything but a skinnier Sam Perkins. If this is the face of a developing scandal, color SportsNation surprised.

Lewis has been suspended for the first 10 games of the 2009-10 season after testing positive for a banned substance, reportedly the steroid precursor DHEA. He accepted responsibility and said the failed test was the result of an over-the-counter product. And considering the guy is 6-foot-10 and took more shots from beyond the 3-point line than inside it last season, forgive voters their skepticism as to just how much it helped his game.


Why is this a story? He tested positive for something that 90 percent of people who work out would test positive for. DHEA comes in almost ALL recovery powders on the market. Even if he did test positive for a REAL tesosterone booster -- as in sustanon or something -- who cares? Why do we care what athletes put into their body? Their avg career is about 5 years, so something that can help them make more money and play longer -- GO FOR IT! MOVE ON ESPN.

-- wshsmrhopper88

The makers of DHEA should be ashamed of themselves for selling a product that doesn't work.

-- trab2u

This is a bigger problem than I thought, if Lewis is doing it than a lot of fools are doing it.

-- walnutkid07

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Rick Fox knows something about versatility. Forget splitting a basketball career between the Lakers and Celtics, the guy made repeat appearances on both "One Tree Hill" and "Oz" (just imagine the possible crossover episode between those two). So there are worse people to ask about what both teams in the NBA Finals need, beyond star performances from Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard, respectively.

For their part, voters are split as to whether Pau Gasol or Rashard Lewis is the best sidekick in the series. Surprisingly, Lamar Odom fares equally poorly in both California and Florida (although he does better than most places in Pennsylvania, home of Hershey's).

Roland (Orlando)

Other than players named Kobe and Dwight, what player has had the most impact on this series for either team?

Rick Fox
Rick Fox

I thought, quite frankly, for the Lakers, Odom had to be the presence he was in the first two wins. I thought his presence was the X-factor. For the Magic, I thought the point guard position was one of challenge for the Lakers. It's always been the pick and roll. You saw early on in the series, [the Magic] had to see what Jameer Nelson could give them and it could be a distraction, and it was. They seemed to return to what worked, and Alston played well, leading them to a win. Full chat transcript.

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